• Parvez Shaikh

We give you 5 Reasons to select Goa as your Wedding Destination

1. Holy Essence: Goa popularly Known as God’s Own Abode is a site for hopeful eyes. If you’re fed up with bad air quality and the hustle and bustle of cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai, Goa is the destination for you. The calmness of the rustic waves, salty skies and white sand beaches of Calangute & Morjim may be memories that you never forget as you walk down the beach-side aisle.

  In your wedding while making you reflect on life on its laid back beaches, your loved ones are surrounded by the palm trees overlooked by the open skies to which the doves soaring in the sky signal a happy matrimony.

2. Goa’s Culturally accepting and humble nature : Be it an Indian-Irish wedding , Russian-Gujrati Wedding or Hindu-Muslim Wedding Goa accepts them all and provides a safe space for people to adorn their own identity as a badge  of pride that only gets strong as a couple.  The potential of Goa is unlimited as the number of sea shells found on the sea which will convince you to stay there forever, work less & celebrate life more.

3. Choose Old School or New School locations: You not only get access to the historic Portuguese style bungalows, such as Figuerado Mansion (450 years old mansion) at Loutolim for your big-day, but also big resorts like Vivanta by Taj,Grand Hyatt Resort and W Marriott -  a perfect mix of glamour & quality meets nature.

Beaches are definitely a big yes! But have you ever thought of getting your wedding known as the one that happened at the Chapora aka Dil Chahta Hai Fort. It's never been done yet, we hope you are the first one!

4. A place where getting merry is reasonable: If having liquor at your wedding is one of the top most priorities expect escaping from the taunts of your in-laws to be then Goa offers you liquor sometimes beating the prices of mineral water.

But don’t forget, you could be the one to boast of having Feni at your wedding too.

5. Guaranteed Funkiness:  You’ll get to choose from the best local bands-A26 or the Tidal Wave to perform at your wedding while having  the Persian, Israeli or Russian culinary artists to make everyone talk about the taste bud sizzling Persian lamb kuddehieh or the Russain Stroganoff they had at your wedding.

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